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Working at Grove

Culture Matters

We're building a product, a movement, and a sustainable future.

What Drives Us


You want a standing desk? Build it. Want a place to grow our Monday morning wheatgrass shots? Build it. Want a shelving unit for safety equipment? Build it. We're a team of makers and we keep extra supplies on hand so you can always #justbuildit.

Rooted in the Mission

Our team cares deeply about sustainable, healthy, accessible food. We keep gardens at home. We obsess over urban farming legislature. We can't stop talking about fungi. We don’t have all the answers but we love people who share our passion!

Constantly Learning

Hypothesize, experiment, gather results, make a conclusion, learn something — constantly. The scientific method influences our workflow every day. Our library is stocked and our internal wiki is growing so you'll always be building your expertise.

Personal Responsibility

At Grove, personal freedom means professional responsibility. We believe in autonomy over oversight. When every team member can both prioritize and execute, we work better together. We manage ourselves, and rely on each other.

Contagious Positive Energy

We believe energy is contagious and that the way you carry yourself affects the whole team. We’re surrounded by brilliant people all dedicated to making the world a better place. That’s worth smiling about every single day!



Every Thursday, two of us cook lunch for the entire team — made mostly from food we've grown in our own Gardens — and every week, the percentage of #grovegrown ingredients grows.

Outdoor Retreats

We all have one thing in common: we'd rather be outside. Every few months we make sure to trek into the great outdoors for hiking, skiing, or camping.

Sweet Space

You'll have access to all the tools and toys you could want in our prototyping workshop, plus the awesome commmunity (and keg) that comes with Greentown Labs, our clean-tech coworking office.

Open Positions

We are not currently hiring for any new positions. Please check back later for new openings!