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The Grove Experience

Grove gives you the confidence to grow an abundance of the food you love.

Whether you own an original Grove Garden or a product from a Grove partner, you can grow confidently with The Grove Experience.

The Grove App gets you growing faster, easier.

At the center of The Grove Experience is a dynamic mobile app that connects you to your indoor garden. The app provides personalized growing assistance and environmental controls to ensure regular harvests and faster plant growth. Notifications, tutorials, and tracking are all seamlessly built into the experience, giving you confidence on Day One and inspiration on Day One Hundred. It’s all made easy with the Grove App.

The Grove Box delivers everything you need, when you need it.

No more hunting down supplies, wondering when to plant new seeds, or guessing which nutrients to use. Every garden connected to Grove is supported by routine deliveries of all the tools and supplies needed to run smoothly. Simply note your preferences and requests in the app, and custommade Grove Boxes will be delivered to you the moment your garden needs them.


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