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About Us

We’re a passionate team working to make food production personal.

Led by two MIT grads, our core team brings wisdom and experience from Apple, NOLS, GrabCAD, DEKA, Amazon, Bose, and an ecosystem research farm in West Virginia.

I started Grove when I realized the massive potential to make people happy and healthy by offering a fun and engaging gardening experience to them.

Gabe Blanchet

Founder & CEO

I started Grove because I realized that the practice of growing fresh food and living with nature could make a significant positive impact on my health, habits, and perspective.

Jamie Byron

Founder & Farmer

I was already growing my own food indoors during the Boston winters when I met Grove. It's so much fun to share the wonderful experience of having a thriving indoor garden with our customers.

Mike Zartarian

Director of Engineering

I think about food constantly: what good food is, why local food matters, how to educate people about food, what I'm eating now, what I'm eating later, and how I can improve the food system.

Dave Bowker

VP of Operations

I joined Grove for the chance to work on an incredibly interesting user experience — but before long, Grove had changed the way I eat, shop for and think about food. Now I'm determined to give everyone that experience of reconnection, both to what we eat, and the planet that feeds us!

Liz Cormack

Director of UX

In Nature, there's no such thing as waste. It's time for us to get creative and reconnect with that concept — like growing food in your house using fish poop!

Emily Malkin

Ecologist, Director of Customer Success

I'm passionate about fresh, local produce and the ability to become more intimately connected with the food we eat.

Carolyn McRae

Director of Marketing

I love that Grove is helping to raise the next generation of ecological stewards who will take great care of the beautiful planet earth.

Emily Roberts

Growth Marketer

Nature cradles our existence, it is a force to be cherished. Packaging nature as an indoor garden teaches us how to nurture life into thriving with delicious rewards along the way.

Nate Williams

Ecosystem Designer, Prototyping Expert

I love creating photos and videos because I can share perspectives that people could never normally see. I love working at Grove because our products engage people with their food, and the natural systems that make it possible in a new and exciting way.

Brooks Eaton

Creative Strategist

The intersection between indoor growing and technology is such an exciting place in product design. Since I've joined the team, I’ve been sold on the incredible value and potential of products that make the natural world an integral part of our living spaces — and feed us, too!

Nick Ambrogi

Product Design Engineer

I joined Grove for the opportunity to work on a product that needs to exist in this world. Working here has strengthened my connection and awareness to nature and healthy habits — which is why I believe so strongly in our mission.

Layne Whitaker

Prototyping & Fabrication Expert

I get to work at the elusive intersection between lighting, plants, fish, plumbing, bacteria, airflow, software, and customer-UX. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Michael Siegel

Embedded Systems Engineer

I want to advance indoor growing technology and move people closer to self-sufficiency.

Stephanie Northway

Software Engineer

The pattern of advancing technology typically disconnects people from reality. I want to build technology that breaks that pattern.

Charles Renwick

Software Engineer

I believe technology should increase people's understanding of the world around them by connecting them to nature. In the words of Herman Hesse: "Trees are sanctuaries. Whoever knows how to speak to them, whoever knows how to listen to them, can learn the truth. They do not preach learning and precepts, they preach, undeterred by particulars, the ancient law of life."

Matthew Seaton

Director of Ecology

I love being a part of bringing nature and fresh food into homes. The varied technical challenges that presents are exciting to get to work on every day.

Karl Henricksen

QA Engineer

Please send treats to Grove Labs, Attn: Buddy Gryszkiewcz, 28 Dane Street, Somerville, MA 02143. Woof.

Buddy Gryszkiewcz

Director of Dropped Food Accountability