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Setting up Your Garden

Time: 45 minutes

The Grove App will notify you with personalized guidance when it’s time to complete a task but here’s what you can expect on day one.

​Add Clay & Gravel

Time: 10 minutes

The gravel and pebbles provide the perfect habitat for your plant's roots, your good bacteria, and the life in your aquarium.

3 bags clay pebbles
2 bags aquarium gravel

Step One

Pour all three bags of clay pebbles directly into the top garden bed. (Dust from the clay pebbles will temporarily cloud your water. It will clear over the next day.)

Step Two

Pour both bags of gravel directly into your aquarium and spread evenly around the base of the tank.

Add Water

Time: 30 minutes

This is the hardest part of set up, but you'll only do it once! Life starts with water, so grab your jug and get ready to fill up the aquarium. You'll make eight trips.

water jug
tap water conditioner
water source
towel to catch drips

Step One

Open the right channel of your garden bed and remove the drain pipe. Set it aside for now. This allows water to flow through the filter and fill the aquarium faster.

Step Two

Add one scoop of Tap Water Conditioner to the jug. Your water contains things that are good for humans, but not fish or plants. Use this conditioner whenever you add water to your system.

Step Three

Fill your jug through the large opening. Place some towels around if you think you may spill.

Step Four

Empty eight jugs of water over the clay pebbles to rinse them. Use Tap Water Conditioner each time. Do not add extra water!

Water will be cloudy for the next 24 hours — this is not at all harmful to your Garden. Dust particles from the pebbles and aquarium gravel are collected by a filter in the aquarium.


Remove the ‘Fill’ cap while pouring out of the narrower ‘Pour’ spout to release air and pour without spilling.

Adjust pH

Time: 2 minutes

Based on your water sample, we customized a mixture that will adjust your pH and stabilize your water. This solution is critical to avoid pH swings and other issues that are dangerous to fish and plants.

custom day 1 ph adjuster

Pour the entire bottle directly into the left channel of the top garden bed. Recycle the bottle when you're done!

Plant Seeds

Time: 5 minutes

Planting today is critical for a healthy Garden. In less than a week, you can harvest radish microgreens to add a flavor kick to soups, salads, and sandwiches!

radish seeds
a little love

Step One

Grab your radish seed packet and sprinkle a small handful into your palm.

Step Two

Sprinkle the seeds over the top of the clay pebbles. Rustle the top layer of pebbles lightly to help the seeds fall an inch or two below the surface.

Step Three

Push the top light down until it's three inches above the garden bed.

Adjust the light as your plants grow so it's about three inches above your tallest plant. This ensures that your plants get plenty of light without maxing out power usage.