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Day Two

Time: 15 minutes

Continue your setup by stabilizing the water in your aquarium.

Remove Dust Filter

Time: 5 minutes

Within 24 hours of installing your Garden, water in the aquarium should become clear thanks to a blue and white filter in your Garden. As soon as you’re happy with the water quality, remove this filter and dispose of it.

a towel

Step One

Look for a blue and white dust filter under the yellow sponge filter in the bottom right of your aquarium.

Step Two

Remove both the yellow and the blue and white filter. Throw away the blue and white filter. Rinse the yellow one and replace it to its original position so that it covers the entire opening of that channel.

The yellow filter is your solids filter and it keeps your water clean over time. We recommend rinsing it out every couple of weeks.

Stabilize the Water

Time: 2 minutes

Before you can start growing beneficial bacteria in your Garden, it’s very important to get all the chlorine and chloramines out of your tap water. These common chemical compounds are ideal for human drinking water but kill off the bacteria kickstarters that make your aquarium safe for fish.

day 2 tap water treatment (small brown bottle)

Step One

Grab your Day 2 Tap Water Treatment and turn on your pumps using the control dial. It's a small, concentrated amount that packs a powerful punch to chloramines!

Step Two

Empty the entire bottle of Tap Water Treatment into your left channel.

Take Your First pH Test

Time: 5 minutes

If your pH is out of the ideal range, expect an additional task to adjust it further.

2 test tubes
pH test solution
high range pH test solution

Step One

Use the pipette to fill each of the test tubes to the 5mL line. Be as accurate as possible.

Step Two

Shake the low range pH test (blue), then completely invert the bottle and add three drops to the first test tube. Make sure the bottle is completely upside down over the test tube before you squeeze! This ensures every drop is the same size, which is key to getting accurate results.

Step Three

Shake the test tube vigorously then check the color of liquid in the test tube against the color chart in the Grove App. If your low range pH test reads under 7.6, then you're all done! Note down the value in the Grove App.

If your pH is 7.6, complete steps four through six in Testing pH to confirm the exact number.