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Arranging Your Garden Bed

When placing plants in your garden bed, it's important to consider both practical and aesthetic factors. Below are the principles to help you determine where to place various plants.

Short things in front, tall things in back or on the sides.

If you plant short plants or things that you intend to harvest as microgreens behind older plants, they will be hard to see and access. Place the larger plants in back where they are less likely to shade out the small plants and stunt their growth.

Plant long term crops like peppers and tomatoes towards the back.

The longer you keep a plant, the larger it will get. Large crops go in the back!

Consider mature plant size and place short term crops like microgreens or leafy greens between longer term crops.

It’s easy to forget that plants grow wider as they grow taller. While you can get away with having your plants too close together for short periods of time, you will need to thin or remove them as they grow.

Our favorite default arrangement

Place four longer term plants (herbs like basil or rosemary work well) or one to two fruiting crops in a row in the back. Use the front to grow five small salad green plants or to free seed microgreens. Start simple and start playing as you get the hang of things!

As your Garden matures, it will be able to support an increasing number and diversity of crops. You’ll also begin to develop a sense of what works and what doesn’t with respect to crop positioning and nutrient demand. Check specific seed listings for more information.

Remember, it’s better to plant more than you need and have extra harvests as your plants grow in than to plant too few and not have a meal when you want one!