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Bring Your Lessons to Life

Teach With a Living Ecosystem

The Grove Garden is the most engaging tool for teaching life sciences, sustainability, and nutrition. From the vibrant aquatic habitat and the thriving plants in the garden bed, to the controllable multi-spectrum LED lights and water chemistry test kit, the grove is packed with interactive features to facilitate project-based learning.

An interconnected approach to science

The grove brings together all science disciplines in a living ecosystem. Through experimentation, students discover that each of nature's components are connected and essential. 

Raising healthy, mindful students

Growing in a garden develops healthy eating habits, caring for an aquarium focuses the scattered mind, and bringing these together gives promise for a sustainable future.

A fully supported experience for teachers

Our supplementary curriculum, app and forum provide teachers with all necessary support and guidance to teach confidently and effectively with their grove.

“The key word in the common core is modeling, and this is modeling science. Real world connections to science."

Leslie Barnaby
Elementary School Teacher

Get your students growing!

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