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Harvest Stories

Our customers constantly impress us with their #grovegrown culinary creations.

Kellen & Ethan

"We do grow herbs in preparation for cooking, but I like to just reach out and grab something from the grove. Kale is surprisingly awesome to just munch on. Another of our best crops has been bok choy, which is really, really good fresh. I hadn't known that before!"

Chris & Amanda

"We love microgreens, even Lily, but once you buy them, you have to eat them really quickly or they go bad. From the Garden, they're still firm, with a bit of bite, and to pick just the right amount for my salad that night so we can do the same thing the next night is really exciting."

Wendy & Pace

"The Garden produces a lot of beautiful light, plus the green of the plants really fills in this space of the house in a nice way. It’s easy to take care of, and the best thing is the sunset in the evenings. It’s so calm, peacefully dimming itself down to nothing."

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